Disclaimer & Warm Up

Pain Train – line up on one side of parking lot. Starting at one end, first person completes reps of an exercise while rest of pax does cardio. Continue down the line until all pax complete the reps

The Q’s Pain Train had 10 cars for our 10 Pax- Perfect! 

Pain Train 1: Arm Circles forward/backward & Jumping Jacks

Pain Train 2: Good Mornings & High Knees

Pain Train 3: Windmills & Butt Kickers

Pain Train 4: Toy Soldiers & Punch Jacks

Pain Train 5: Inch Worms & Power Skips

Pain Train 6: Run the pickle & Alternating Lunges 

Pain Train 7: Push Ups & Jump Rope

Pain Train 8: Dips & Skaters

Pain Train 9: Carolina Dry Dock & Overhead Jacks

Pain Train 10: Calf Raises & In/out part of Burpee

Just to say we used bands we did a ladder:





10 upright rows w/ band

20 Squats w/ band above knees

30 Russian Twist w/ band 

40 Glute Bridges band around knees holding tension

Rinse & repeat back down the ladder 

Tabata style burpees 20 sec work 10 sec rest 5 rounds 

100 lbc’s oyo

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