JJ in cadence 15

toy soldier in cadence 10

phelps, arm circles to loosen shoulders


the thang:

Devil’s Route 66 – 5 lightposts, run to first do 2 reps of exercise, back to start, then run to second lightpost do 4 reps, then back to start. Rinse and repeat for 5 light posts. Reps are 2-4-8-16-36. Exercises were plank shoulder taps for first round then tricep dips for second.

HIIT: 4 exercises for 35 seconds each then 30 second rest. Repeat set 3x then change the set exercises and do another set 3x.

set 1: shuffle squats, jump lunges, arms out high knees, monkey humpers

set 2: Tony Hawks, burpee with 2 push-ups and 4 plank jacks, bootstrappers, mountain climbers

End with ring of fire c-sit ab hold while pax complete 15 HC ankle biters