Disclaimer and Warm up

the Thang:

Ascending 4 Corners in the big parking lot by the front entrance.

5 push-ups at each corner

5 push-ups + 6 Froggers at each corner

5 push-ups + 6 Froggers + 7 low squats at each corner

You get the drift….continuing to add on each time

+ 8 plyo lunges

+ 9 Burpees

+ 10 plank shoulder taps

we started each round together.

this was much harder than the Q anticipated but everyone did great!

we calculated we did 72 burpees and 120 Push-ups!

ended up with Pax choice of abs

COT was focused on only doing things that bring you joy during the holidays! ( for me Christmas Cards do NOT bring me joy, so I don’t do them)

name o Rama