Disclaimer/Warm Up

Q revealed some of her favorite movies are the Rocky series which has rubbed off on her oldest son. He worked out yesterday to this song, so it inspired the Q to use it in the workout today.

PJ Inchworm (Inchworm w/ push up, walk hands back, jump squat) repeat for the whole song “There’s No Easy Way Out” from Rocky IV (4 min 22 sec).


The Thang:

Q school Pop Up – FiA principle: “no one is left behind” 

It’s called Pick up the 6

Practicing Pick Up the 6 – pair off and line up in your pairs – start off w/ a run, once the 2 Pax in front get to the first light pole, circle back around to the back of the Pax. Rinse & repeat pairs circling back down Ambergate & Peakway. Turn around at stop sign and continue back to parking lot


Pyramid of Pain

5 exercises – 10 of each: squats, monkey humpers, jump squats, blast off push ups, froggers – then run the pickle 5 times

4 exercises – 15 of each: squats, monkey humpers, jump squats, blast off push ups then run the pickle 4 times

3 exercises – 20 of each: squats, monkey humpers, jump squats –  then run the pickle 3 times

2 exercises – 25 of each: squats, monkey humpers – then run the pickle 2 times

1 exercise – 30 squats, then run the pickle 1 time

Circled up for Abs

Captain Thor – 1 BGSU: 4 EC American Hammers, all the way up to 10:40 or until time allows. Based on confusion demonstrated by the Pax, Q clearly needs to incorporate this more often 😉 and Hootie kept the Pax distracted with the announcement of a Dense Fog Advisory until 9 am. Q called time after 8 BGSU:32 AH

COT and Name o Rama