Warm Up: Mosey over to Apex Town Hall; inchworms to runner stretch, arm circles, toy soldiers 

The Thang:

Q had 12 Easter eggs with 5 Jellybeans inside. Q used a randomizer app to group jellybean colors so every egg had a unique set of 5 colors. Each jellybean color is assigned an exercise

Pax picks an egg and as a group completes the 5 exercises together. 

Run around circle

Rinse and repeat with a different egg, until all eggs are complete or time


Jellybean Exercise

Black 5 Burpees

Pink 10 Push Ups

White 15 Tricep Dips

Green 20 Split squats (10 ea leg) – leg on bench

Yellow 25 Hallelujahs

Purple 30 Monkey Humpers

Red 35 Skater w/ hop EC

Orange 40 Jumping Jacks

On our way back to the park, the train was blocking our way, so Q called bear crawls in the parking spaces while we waited for the longest.train.ever. Finally the last train car passed and we finished our mosey back to the skate park. We grabbed our mats and circled up for pax choice abs (28 reps of each bc it’s March 28) and a  round of fire hydrants and donkey kicks. 

COT: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder”