Started with the disclaimer and circled up for a usual warm up.   We brought had our weights and then got to the work!
10 hard count of each compound movement, then 25 sec quick feet between each one.
– Side lunge to curtsy lunge w/ bicep curl on each
– front kick to back kick w/ bent over row
– step out to wide squat w/ tricep extension
– single-leg bridge march w/ lat pull over
We repeated these again, with 5 star jumps instead of the quick feet.   Then we moved into some ring of fire
– squats – 5 jump squats
– bicep curls – 5 burpees
– american hammers – 5 big girl sit ups
–  shoulder press – 3 HC renegade rows

Now it was time for Frito to lead us through some standing weighted core.  30 sec each move (stay all on one side, then switch)  Did the whole thing twice for a total of 8 min.
– split stance with side bends (weight in same hand as front leg)
– imperial walker (weight on shoulder)
– march with overhead press
– split stance with woodchop (other leg back)

Thanks for joining!