We warmed up with a few jumping jacks, high knees, good mornings, windmills, deep squat, and runners stretch.
The Thang: 12 stations, 45 sec on, 10 sec rest, 3x at the same station.  Then rotate to the next station until you’ve completed all 12.
1.  Smurf Jacks
2. Swimmers (with band around pole)
3. Broad jump, high knees back
4. Bear hold with donkey kicks
5. lateral raise/ front raise (5lbs weights)
6. 5 Tricep dips/5 pushups (stay on bench, continue to rotate through)
7. Weighted dead bugs
8. Wall sit march (lift one leg , hold for 3 sec, then switch)
9. Squat with overhead press
10. Bicycle crunches
11.  Blast off push ups
12.  Lateral walk (band around knees) with jump squat