We warmed up and then we got to it.

The first workout we had at this AO was Crisco’s perfect 10 but we didn’t make it all the way through. So in honor of the date and my favorite number we went with The Perfect 7 for today and we ended up having 7 FiAs there!

7 exercises – 7 reps – 7 times

1. Double jack burpees

2. Jump Squats

3. Push Ups

4. Big Girl Sit Ups

5. Jumping Lunges

6. Dips

7. Slow Drunken Climbers

After each round going through the seven exercises we ran the small circle pickle.

We spent the remaining time with each pax choosing an exercise and doing 7 reps: plank jacks, plié squats (2 times), calve raises (3 varieties), and twisty abs.

It seems like the perfect 8 might be the best format for this workout for the time we have. Maybe we will find out one day 😬

Thanks for joining me this morning!