The plan was the use the field at Bond Park for this workout but the grass was too wet and ground too muddy. Luckily the senior center parking lot was empty and had mediums for our stopping points so it worked out well for this workout!

warmup: jumping jacks in Cadence, worlds greatest stretch, arm circles, Phelps and job a circle around senior center.

grab a heavy rock and line up at the back of the parking lot.

we will get the the medians traveling different ways and do 10-15 of different exercise each time we get there (3 mediums total) then jog back to start and wait for pax to start the next. Here is the order:

run with rock/squats (with rock)

High knees/burpees

bear crawl/lunge jumps

run with rock/overhead press

broad jumps/pushups

crab walk/plank jacks

run with rock/rock swings

lunge walk/skiers

end with suicides

we then circled up for abs: ring of fire holding a plank and each pax doing 5 hip dips, then 25 reps of misc ab work

ended with name o Rama and cot