Disclaimer given– Walkman is not a professional.  Do this at your own risk & at your own COVID risk.

Warm-up- Good mornings, Toy Soldiers, Arm circles, High knees

The Thang

Split into two groups

Ran to the parking lot by lacrosse field

Gymnastics- group 1 handstand on fence while group 2 completed 30 jump lungs easy count (then switch)

Wrestling- group 1 hold plank while group 2 completed bear crawl across parking spaces inverted 15 pushups, then reverse bear crawl to opposite parking space 15 decline pushups (then switch)

Basketball- ran to parking lot by lower baseball field, group 1 completed jump squats with basketball shot while group 2 run sprints (then switch)

Soccer/ cheerleading- ran back to the gravel lot, group 1 completed toe kicks on the curb while group 2 completed 25 above head seal claps then 25 in front seal claps (then switch)

Cross country- moved to the top of the hill, group 1 completed burpees while group 2 completed LA Freeway style lunges down and back up the hill (then switch)

Weight lifting- ran to the rocks, group 1 completed rock your body while group 2 completed 45 rock squats, deadlift and shoulder press (then switch) *we received many compliments by the public walking by*

Ran back to the top of the hill for COT, Name-o-Rama, & to name FNG- MAGNOLIA

You’re allowed to scream, You’re allowed to cry, but do not give up!!

Thanks for joining me! 🙂