• Butt kickers, jumping jacks, high knees, toy soldier, hip flexor to quad stretch
  • Side to side inner thigh stretch, hamstring stretch


We danced our way through the wintry night to the Nutcracker Suite music as we did a “ Barre” workout using our picnic table


We started in 1st position /open collar bones/tummy/kegal/Lengthening spine

30 of Each in 1st position

  • Front/back
  • Front/back in ½ circle 
  • Slide to side
  • Slide to side and lift

REPEAT other side

30 of each in 2nd position squat

  • up/down full range
  • Pulse up/down
  • 1” down/up slow
  • Lift lower heels full range
  • Lift lower heels puls
  • Lift lower heels 1” up/down

30 of each

  • Curtse lunge with pulse
  • 2nd position 
  • Alternate curtsy lunge to foot to side of knee
  • Alternate curtsy lunge ½ circle to fron
  • Repeaters
  • Alternate curtsy lunge to Straight leg raise lift

REPEAT Other side



On side knees bent tricep flexion to extension with twist x 15

Heels to Heaven x 30

Dead Bug x 30