Happy Monday! Another ‘borrowed’ workout, but this one was from an F3 group that popped up in my search. Believe it or not, they titled it the ‘Lazy Dora.’ I personally didn’t think a lazy DORA sounded like it would suffice, so I changed things up a bit and turned it into the ‘Not so Lazy Dora’.

Warm-Up: Good Mornings (5) Toy Soldiers (10 each leg); Inchworms (10); Jumping Jacks (20); Mt. Climbers (40)

Not so Lazy Dora

100 Push Ups: P1 does 10 push-ups while P2 holds Plank = alternate until 100 are completed

Run a lap (around the pickle)

200 Star Crunch (full sit up) P1 does 20 Star Crunches while P2 holds 6in leg raise = alternate until 200 are completed

Run 2 laps (around the pickle)

300 Squats: P1 does 25 squats wile P2 does wall sit = alternate until 300 are completed (squat challenge for Day 1 complete)

Run 3 laps (around the pickle)

200 LBCs: P1 does 20 LBCs while P2 does flutter kicks

Run 2 laps (around the pickle)

100 Burpees: P1 does 10 Burpees while P2 holds plank

Run 1 lap (around the pickle)

Everyone made it to the 100 Burpees, though with just minutes left to go in the workout, Q told everyone to get in at least 10 burpees and then we were done! Name-o-Rama and updates for the week before we called it a night.

Hope you all had a great Monday!