After a last minute location change due to road closure at the entrance of our normal AO, we were only 1 minute late getting started! 

Disclaimer: Crisco, Reebok and Van Gogh are not professionals! You’re here at your own risk, modify as needed!

Warm up: Van Gogh

The Thang:Theme: pink – breast cancer awareness 

Crisco led a 4×5 Group 1 completes the exercise, while group 2 runs the baby dill pickle. Swap; Rinse and repeat for 5 min

P – Peter Parker’s 5min (Helium said no thank you 🤣)Crisco hasn’t been to a morning workout in a while so she was  trying to make it count

I – Imperial Walkers 5 min

N – Narwhals 5 min – originally was narrow squats but Crisco called an audible thanks to the Pax 

K – Kettlebell swing 5 min 

Reebok led the Pax in

Check the Boobs: 12 reps of each

Chest press

Head crushers

Extend to side (lateral raise)

Chest Fly


Tricep dip

Hinge over rows

Elbow squeeze shoulder press

Bicep curls

Overhead extension

Overhead pull-down 

Bicep row

Shoulder press 

And a few abs!

Cot: Promised Land by TobyMac & Sheryl Crow 

NOR followed by cupcakes to celebrate National Cupcake Day!