We started with a disclaimer  that I am definitely not a professional and we are all here at our own risk. Modify as necessary.

Warm-Up: Jog the pickle, windmills, toy soldiers, arm circles front and back, Phelps arms.

Cardio warm-up: Single-leg jump rope: 50-40-30-20-10

The Thang: 3 sets, each exercise completed for 45 seconds with 15 sec rest. Repeat each set 3 times before moving to the next. We used weights some today as well.

Set One: With a loop band around thighs: donkey kick, bridge up and down with in/out at the top and fire hydrants

Set 2: low plank reach, dead lift, overhead pull-overs

Set 3: Side lunge rockers holding dumbbell in the center (switch hands with each rock), single arm row on one knee, wood chop with weight while on one knee

Abs: 45 sec on, 15 sec rest:

LBC’s, flutter kicks, ankle biters, scissors, big girl sit-ups, American hammers

COT: “Never suppress a generous thought.” It has the power to change your day and another person’s day.

Thanks for joining me this morning, ladies!