We started with some stretches including toy soldiers, world’s greatest stretch, good mornings, upward/downward dog and pedaling, high knees, butt kickers, rotation back stretches, and groin stretches


We worked our way around the stations doing the exercises for 1 minute on then either a 20 second Cardio (run pickle, high knees, lunges to next station) or took that time to doing a little ice breaker including questions such as:

What’s one of your favorite movies?

What’s one of your favorite restaurants in the area?

Would you rather time travel to 100 years in the past or the future? 

Would you rather be able to play any instrument or speak any language?

Where is your happy place?

What’s one of your favorite books?

The one minute exercises were:

  1. Incline, decline and tricep pushups
  2. The Get up lunge, burpees, unilateral suitcase deadlift with weight
  3. Star jumps, switch lunges, side plank with leg lift
  4. curtsy lunge to front angled lunge, Reverse plank up/downs, heel bridges on curb
  5. Raggedy Ann, fast hops left/right,  Jump shots
  6. Running start to knee up jump, Standing “T, Y, and W” with weights, side to side deep lunge
  7. Wo-men maker, dips, monkey humpers

We ended taking to our mats and doing 30 of each: LBCs, Bicycles, heels to heaven, scissors then some stretches.

COT: (which I forgot) ” When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude”

So thankful to being back to Qing after a long time off due to injury and to be able to work out without pain