Warm up:  Good mornings, butt kickers, arm circles, jumping jacks, Phelps

8 exercises set up in a horsehoe around the circle.  Pax partner up.  Partner A will start and run all the way around horseshoe to exercise 1 and do 10 reps of that exercise, run back to the start, run to exercise 1 and do that exercise then run to exercise 2 and do 10 reps of that exercise, then run back to basketball court to tag Partner B(who has been doing stationary exercises).  Partner B will do the same, then come back to tag Partner A.  Partner A will run to Exercise 1 and do that exercise, run to Exercise 2 and do that one then run to Exercise 3 and do that, then run back to tag Partner B.  Continue and add one exercise each round.

8 exercises:  (10 of each)

1- Pushups

2- Burpees

3- Skaters

4- Lunge Jumps

5- Touchdowns

6- Squats

7- Star Jumps

8- Push Ups

Stationary Exercises:

1- Jumping Jacks

2- Big Girl Sit Ups

3- Sparky Crabs

4- Shoulder Taps

5- Heels to Heaven

6- American Hammers

7- Plank Hold