After warming up the Pax was divided into 2 teams.  Teams competed against each other in events.  The winning team got first choice of 2 exercises while the loser had to take sloppy seconds.

Event #1

Plank (hands on ball for stability challenge) LA Freeway across parking lot

Exercise Option: 25Burpees/25 pushups with feet on ball

Event #2

Ball Waddle Relay- ball held in between knees/thighs

Exercise Option:  2 min. Bear hold/2 min Leg lift with ball between ankles

Event #3

Snake Run- First runner runs lap 1 around pickle.  First runner and second teammate run together for lap 2.  First runner and Second runner are joined by third teammate for lap 3. Keep going until all teammates have joined and complete last lap.

Exercise Option:  Spell Out each Pax name in Plank Jacks / Full sit ups with ball

Event #4

Burpee Broad  jump Relay across parking lot

Exercise Option:  Real LA Freeway around perimeter of Park/ Wall sit with arms holding ball overhead until the other team returns


We still had 3 more events that we did not have time for this morning.  Bummer.