The Game of FiA

The PAX took turns rolling a die and moving around the game board. Each spot had a number 1-6 that corresponded to a pyramid of exercises. Everyone had two rolls and then we hit the bonus spaces (running and burpees) that we missed before calling it a night.

Pyramids were 10-20-30 of the following:

1 – Tricep Pushups, Jump Lunges, American Hammers

2 – BGSUs, Prayer Pulses, Donkey Kicks

3 – Blast Off Push Ups, Leg Lifts, Hallelujahs

4 – Froggers, Tricep Dips, Mountain Climbers

5 – Dead Bugs, Push-Ups, Sumo Squats

6 – Plank Up-Downs, Glute Bridges, Monkey Humpers

We landed on lots of 3s and 4s but got a least one of each pyramid in! Thanks for joining me ladies!