Dirty Dozen Workout – Everything was done in counts of 12 – we had 12 ladies – it is 1-12-2021! Yeah!

Warm-up: Good Morning’s, arm circles forward and back, toy solders.

The Thang:

Due to the rain, we did not run as much as I wanted to do with the workout this morning. Workout was modified to the following:

12 Squats, 12 Lunges (side, back, forward, your choice), 12 Mountain Climbers, 12 Plank Jacks, 12 Push-ups, 12 Jump Squats, 12 Jumping Jacks, 12 Dips, 12 LBC’s, 12 second LBC pulse up (repeat both sets of LBC’s x 2), 12 Leg Lifts, 12 second slow leg release down (repeat x 3).

Repeated this entire workout 5 times (ran the pickle twice when the rain slacked off some & in-between sets)! My goal was to do this 6 times (half dirty dozen), but we ran out of time.

Cool down with stretching & 41 second Plank Ladder Challenge of Week 1!

Everyone was a little quiet this morning (which is odd for FiA ladies and especially with 12 Pax) – Hoping I didn’t bore you too much!! 🙂

Hoping your day is Great and you are stronger today because you got up, made it count and joined me for the workout!! It was great seeing all of you!!