The Dental Workout!

We have been collecting for Dorcas Ministries over the last few weeks! This is toothbrush week! To make things fun, the workout theme will follow the pattern of Dentist “style” workouts (which happen to also benefit the rest of us who are not Dentists), including good posture positions, good stretching and weights used to strengthen core muscles throughout the body!

Disclaimer Given – Beethoven is not a professional (nor is she a Dentist).

Warm-up: Neck Rolls, Shoulder Rolls forward and backward, arm circles, Good Mornings, butt kickers, high knees & run the pickle.

The Thang: Workouts assigned to/given to each FiA lady by the first letter in their FiA Name.

Example: When it’s my turn, we will do letter (B) for Triceps dips or triceps extensions with a weight.

We did 25 for each workout that was called out from below/associated with the FiA lady (the letters we did not get to/that were not called out, we tried to complete at the end of the workout, but we ran out of time)!

A. Bicep curl and shoulder press combo

B. Triceps dips or triceps extensions with a weight (your choice)

C. Lateral boxes (arms out to the side (like a bird), then out front, and then down to legs).

D. Shoulder taps

E. External rotations

F. Leg side lifts

G. Lower abdominal leg lifts

H. Superman’s

I. Sitting arm raises with weights (opposite arm up and other down rotating)

J. Squats (opening up legs from 2nd to 1st position)-holding weights optional

K. Hallelujah’s

L. Wall sit or squat sitting with legs together

M. Leg lifts with weights – same leg, same arm

N. Glute Bridges with leg lifts

O. Regular glute bridges

P. Inchworms

Q. Plank for 25 seconds

R. Pushups

S. High knees

T. Jumping Jacks

U. Lunges with weights

V. Chair sits (with or without weights – raising arms up)

W. Woodchops

X. Summo squat with arm raises – holding weight

Y. Side lunges with weight out straight

Z. Donkey Kicks

Abs (25 each): LBC’s, Leg Lifts and Ankle Bitters

We had a FNG – Mary (Helium’s neighbor)! Her FiA name is Cocoon! Welcome Cocoon!!! 😊

Phelps Won the Toothbrush challenge!! Thank you to all who have donated to Dorcas Ministries!!