The workout that was canceled due to storms. We did see some lightning in the distance and heard a little thunder. We checked the radar and it was 8 miles away from AO. So, we all agreed we would stay and workout together since we showed up!

Big Disclaimer given and understood by all PaxYou are here at your own risk!  Modify as needed!

Hootie led the warm-up! She did Fantastic!

All 5 Pax agreed to do an AMRAP full body workout under the shelter. Eight minutes of each body part group, along with cardio and abs.

We completed in this order: Arms, legs, cardio and abs! Some of the workouts we did (because I don’t remember everyone of these) dips, push-ups, shoulder taps, walk-outs, hallelujah’s, calf raises, one leg bench squats with a twist (there is a proper name for this, but Mary Lou will have to chime in on that one), sumo squats, curtsey lunges, toe taps, step-ups, burpees, football fast feet, jumping jacks, planking with toe to knee moves on each leg, side planks, Y to W (like a Superman) and on back with one leg flexed while other leg crunches up with opposite shoulder. All good stuff!

A fun time was had by all! We even had a nice little sprint back to the car while it was pouring!

Mic Drop: Beethoven (timekeeper)