I was feeling less than inspired when I realized I had the Q this fine Tuesday morning, so simple was the name of the game.

We circled up for a disclaimer and then headed on a mosey to the town hall deck for stairway BLIMPS. Along the way we stopped at first Baptist church, the bank, and Page Walker for some active warm up and to keep the group together on the mosey.

Once at the deck I explained the acronym:

Burpees x5

Lunges x10

Imperial Walkers x15

Merkins x20

Planks Jacks x25

Squats x30

We started on the bottom level with B. Then we headed up to the top to do B-L, then back down for B-L-I, and so on.

Once we finished we regrouped and moseyed back to start. We stopped at the usual places to regroup and do some core work. That included: mountain climbers, rag dolls, American hammers, and scissors.

We named our FNG —Applejack, welcome!!

We did a walking name-a-rama and that concluded our workout!

Fun times even if it was born from my antisocial, uninspired mind!

Thank you for joining me!

Mary Lou