Warm up: Inch worms w/ cobra, down dog, into runner’s stretch, Toy Soldiers, Knee Hugs + wide arms,JJ in cadence, arm circles

The Thang:

This is a repeat of a Q I did at Double D a few weeks ago w/ some modifications. Complete 1 min reps of each exercise. At the end of each minute, complete 3 burpees and continue to the next exercise. Pause after 5 min to walk w/ heavy weights down the big pickle and back. We alternated to push ups when we were down on our mats

  • lateral raises
  • hillbillies
  • sumo squat pulses
  • Alternating oblique bends
  • shoulder press


  • single leg RDL
  • single leg RDL other leg
  • bicep curls
  • OH March L (L hold weight overhead, R side down)
  • OH March R (R hold weight overhead, L side down)


  • Kneeling woodchop R
  • Kneeling woodchop L
  • Bear Pull Thru
  • Full body taps (shoulders, hips, knees, toes)
  • Blast off Push Ups


  • Narwhal hold R w/ skull crusher
  • Narwhal hold L w/ skull crusher
  • Shoot Thrus
  • Split Squat L
  • Split Squat R


  • Fire hydrant R
  • Fire hydrant L
  • A Frame American Hammers (L side, lift above head, R side)
  • Single Leg Dead Bugs (knee bent pushing hands, straighten other leg,
  • Other Leg

(we did 3 BGSU’s between each minute)

Name O Rama

COT: You can’t be best friends with everyone, but you can:
Notice everyone, be friendly to everyone, make room for everyone, root for everyone, empathize with everyone. KIND bars for everyone!