We started under the shelter with the disclaimer and welcome and then jumped into our warmups of jumping jacks, arm circles, cherry/berry/? pickers.  We then started the Thang!

I had 2 bags with strips of exercises – one for cardio, one for the mats.  We ran around the park stopping at different street lights and the Pax chose the exercise we did.  Once we did that for 50 seconds, we ran to another street light.  We were able to finish all cardio and did a few mat work before we called it quits.

Apple Crisp Calf Raises
Turkey Triceps Dips
Turkey Chase High Knees
Bread Roll Butt Kickers
Green Bean Burpees
Pumpkin Pike Pushups
White Meat Turkey Lunges
Sweet Potato Sumo Squats
Wine-about it Windmills
Jellied Cranberry Jacks
Hammy Happy Feet
Wing Torch Hallelujah
Candied Yam Wall Sit
Pecan Pie Speed Skater
Cheesy Broccoli Froggers
Jelly Mountain Climber

Mat Exercises

Tofu turkey Toe Touch Crunch
Stuff the Turkey Situp
Apple Pie Dead Bugs
Crescent Roll Reverse Crunch

Then time was up.  We were not able to do the Mashed Potato Donkey Kicks, Suffing Superman, Gravy Boat Bridges, Cranberry Crunches or the Marshmallow Side Planks.  Ah well.  Maybe next year.

Thank you all so much for joining me.  It was fun and we were able to keep warm!

COT – Thanksgiving can be every day!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever! (Psalm 107:1)