Q Gave Disclaimer

Circle up & Stretch: 10 good mornings, 3 inchworms and hold the third, move into runners stretch R, L, move into down dog and move feet up and down to paddle and stretch, inch worm in to stand, arm circles

Mosey our way to back parking lot

Paused to do some butt kickers, high knees, jumping jacks and windmills.

Thang Part 1: Paint the Lines

Broke into two groups. Each group “painted” 10 lines doing the following:

1. A forward lunge down one line to a low squat sidestepto the next line then reverse lunge. Continue this up to 10 parking lot lines
2. Backward run to side shuffle
3. Jump squat to alternating surfer jumps forward
4. Burpee broad jump to walking plank

Thang Part 2: 7s using the lot. Carolina dry docks at one end, Dips or modification was Hallelujah’s

Mosey back to the parking lot, grab your mat & circle up.

Thang Part 3: Ring of Fire – Plank hold/plank jacks, Big girl sit-ups, heels to heaven, C hold/American Hammers

***Name our FNGs***


COT: “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” -Warren Buffett

What does that mean? We are so glad you came out here today. This quote made me think of our FNG’s and my very own first day with FiA a little over a year ago. It was very hot and humid, much like today. It can be easy to walk away from a day like today and think, well that was fun, but I’m not sure… I’m not sure if I can ___ and fill in your reason. But I guarantee, if you keep coming, you will see these relationships grow, and you will see how much more than a workout FiA truly is. It’s a community of women supporting and building up other women. It’s a sisterhood. Thank you for joining us this week to kick off this very first workout at #ao_ALeagueOfTheirOwn. 



Thanks for joining me ladies!