Warmer days are here…so we left the garage.  Hooray!  It felt much warmer than I expected which definitely made my day!  Apologies to the PAX that I cannot count….

Warm-Up – Jog down ramp, buttkicker and high knees to return.  OYO Good mornings, trunk twists, arm circles, hip openers, rag doll stretch.  PAX grabbed mats and weights and headed up near the fountain.

The Thang: Complete a round and run a loop.

Round 1 : 10 HC side lunge with single arm bicep curl to overhead press, 20 HC rear lunge with weighted twist, 20 of 4 jumping jacks, with half turn squat jump on each side

Round 2: 10 burpee with renegade row each side and overhead press upon standing, 20 SC glute bridge with 1 leg kick and chest press, 20 criss cross feet twice then 2 weighted punches

Round 3:  10 broad jump with 4 monster walks backwards, 20 bicep curl to tricep press, 20 curtsy lunges to overhead press

Round 4: 10 boat to canoe, 20 side to side chops (obliques), 20 ab circles

Round 5:  10 reps of each exercise from rounds 1, 2 and 4