I started with the disclaimer and let everyone know that the workout was themed for the Tar Heel football team – as we played Duke on Saturday night (and spoiler – we won!  Go Heels!)
Warm up – football shuffles, leg swings, knees to chest, jog a pickle (it was chilly & we needed to get warm!)
I set up cups (in place of cones) in zig zag pattern down parking lot.  Far end has a curb, starting end is where we left our mats.  One at a time, each pax does side shuffle in between cones & at each cone, getting to 3-point stance (like starting position in a football game).  After last cone zig zag cone, sprint to end of parking lot.  On way back, one at a time, pax backpedal to starting point.  Exercise 1 is done by pax waiting at starting point (mat end), then exercise 2 is done by pax waiting at the other end (curb end).  When all pax return to starting point, start next exercise.

T – mat end/starting point – toy soldiers, and at curb end – tricep dips

A – mat end/starting point – American Pie sit up (A big girl sit up with a sitting forward fold to toe touch. Legs are flat on the ground – straight.) and at curb end – alternating shoulder taps
R – mat end/starting point – renegade row (without weights) and at curb end – raggedy Anns
H – mat end/starting point – heels to heaven and at curb end – heismans (which were amazing!!)
E – mat end/ starting point – elevated glute bridges (aka glute bridges… but I needed an E!), and at curb end – elbow to knee (basically imperial walkers + hillbillies)
E – mat end/starting point – explosive push ups (blast off pushups) and at curb end – elevated squats
L – mat end/starting point – LBCs and at curb end – lunges (around the world style – front, side, back, curtsy, alternating legs)
S – skaters, Smurf jacks
Next we did a run around the parking lot in the shape of the UNC logo to celebrate the points scored in each of the UNC football team’s first 6 games.  We started in the corner near gate
Stop 1: 56 points against FL A&M – 56 seconds of jumping jacks
Travel straight to upper corner of parking lot
Stop 2: 63 points against App St – 63 seconds of monkey humpers
Travel diagonally across parking lot towards rock pile/entrance
Stop 3: 35 points against Georgia State – 35 seconds of skaters
Travel up to top past senior center building entrance to corner
Stop 4: 32 points against Notre Dame (our only loss so far this season)  – 32 seconds of froggers
Travel in arch for top of C shape center of far side of parking lot
Stop 5: 41 points against VT  – 41 seconds of ski jumps
Travel in arch of bottom of C shape back to entrance/rock pile area
St0p 6: 27 points against Miami- 27 seconds of burpees
We then moseyed back to our mats and did a few stretches while I shared the COT.  Then we did name-o-rama and a picture!  Thanks for celebrating the Heels with me – and it clearly brought them good luck for the Saturday night game!  🙂