Disclaimer/Warm up: good mornings, arm circles oyo front/back/crisscross, torso twist, toy soldiers, windmills, IC 10 Run the pickle. We all realized it was a bit chillier than expected with the wind blowing this morning, so Q got the Pax moving quickly!

The Thang:

10 Round REVERSE Burn Out

Round 1: 10 reps 

10 Weighted Plank Rows (HC)

10 Kettlebell swings

10 Burpees

Round 2: 9 reps; keep going until you get to 1

Tank top season is almost upon us, so Q led us in a round of Gweneth Paltrow Arms 🙂   100 reps of each exercise

Hallelujahs, lateral palms up, lateral palms down, alternating up/down, push the water forward, push the water backward, small circles forward, small circle backward, front raise palms down, front raise palms up

We will feel those 1,000 reps later.

1 min rounds:

OH Press + tricep extension

Front raise variation  (palms down, raise, palms down, lower, raise, palms up, lower)

Sumo squat hold + bicep curl

Deadlift + upright row

Narrow squat hold + tricep kickback

Plank jacks

Bear hold / arm raise to opposite knee touch

Wood chops L

Wood chops R

Weighted Side bends alternating 

Weighted Hillbilly R

Weighted Hillbilly L

Standing Rotation – hold 1 weight close to your body (straighter for increased difficulty)  keep pelvis stable as rotate side to side 

No time to complete the Burn Out Round back up the ladder. Everyone was sooooo disappointed.

Name-O-Rama & picture

We ended just as the drizzle started!  Make it a great day 🙂