Today, FiA Carpex hosts a workout for the top 1% of its Pax. Its purpose is to make us sweat and strengthen us in mind, body, and spirit, and ensure that the handful of women who completed the workout were the best versions of themselves.
The elite.
The best of the best.
Ladies, this school is about strength. There is no weakness.

FiA Carpex calls it Saved by the Bell.
Participants call it Top Gun

Warm Up: To opening theme of Top Gun
JJ IC 10
Windmills IC 10
Toy Soldiers IC 10
Arm Circles/Phelps
Torso Twist
The Thang:

Pax divided into two groups or partners

The pilot walks down to the end of the parking lot and back w/ weights, while the wingman completes the listed exercise. When the pilot returns, swap: wingman walks w/ weights while pilot does the exercise.

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions
Kettlebell swings

Skater to Single Leg Jump

Chest Press Cycle (hold weights, cycle legs 4, hold for chest press)
Renegade rows
Squat Overhead Press
Dumbbell Toe Touch

Lateral Raises
Lateral Squat Walk(length of mat) w/ weights
American Hammers (weighted)

You have 2:30 to complete the mission (close w/ top gun: Maverick anthem) – Plank

COT: Our FiA names, like call signs in Top Gun, help to identify us and bring camaraderie within our community. Think about your FiA name and what it means to you to be a part of this outstanding group of women