Warmup: JJ, slow BK , Fast BK, Slow HK, Fast HK, Lunge stretches , arm circles

The Thang:

Group run down to the baseball fields near the ropes course.   Pick up a rock along the way and drop it off at 2nd base.  We started off at Home  holding a fence sit.  From there , it was time to run.

First base – 10 Burpees   Second  base- 20 pushups   Third base- 30 HC Mountain climbers   Home Run – 40 Monkey Humpers

But it wasn’t as easy as running around the bases once… Here is how we did it starting from Home

1st –   home

1st – 2nd- 1st -home

1st – 2nd – 3rd -2nd – 1st- home

1st – 2nd- 3rd – HR – 3rd – 2nd – 1st – home

After every round , we would hold a fence sit until everyone got back and our heart rates were at a decent number.


No we are not done playing baseball.

Lunge walk to 1st – 10 Dorothy

right Side shuffle to 2nd – 20  rock shoulder press

Left side shuffle to 3rd – 30 smurf jacks

Karoke to home – 40 squat to calf raise

Another round of base running with different exercises cut in half  this time due to time.

5 – broad jump 4 Hk back

10 –  American Hammer Rock HC  (pick up rock and take it with you)

15 –   Tricep extension Rock

20 –  Deadlifts – Rock

On the way back to the parking lot, we stopped at the bleachers for some abs work , then on to the shelter for another wall sit. Now for our last bit of running.  Sprint to first light post then walk to the next – continue until at the parking lot!  In the parking lot,  we circled up for stretches, announcements and name-o-rama!

Thanks for joining me!