As we warmed up, we noticed that there was a bit more sun tonight then there has been, we’ll be back to sunny nightcrawler before you know it! Just did a standard warmup of good mornings, jumping jacks, arm circles and some other things.

Thang #1: Table Tabatas

In this section, we did each exercise for 6 sets of 20 sec, with a 10 sec break between each set. We did four exercises, all involving the picnic tables

Round #1: Tricep Dips

Round #2: Step – Ups

Round #3: Incline Pushups (or Pushoffs)

Round #4: Hip Thrusters (with weight if desired)

Thang #2 (Super Sets)

Then we transitioned into 4 minute super sets. We switched back and forth with 30 sec sets of an arm exercise and leg exercise (so 2 minutes total of each!) and then did some cardio in between rounds.

Round #1: Bicep Curls/Lunges

Run the small pickle.

Round #2: Bent over rows/Dead Lifts

30 sec of skaters

Round #3: Shoulder press/Squats

Run small pickle

Round #4: Skull crushers/Glute bridges

After this, we took some time to do abs. We did 30 sec each of forearm plank, left and right side plank, American Hammers and LBCs. Then we stretched out, did Name-O-Rama and took a picture. Thank you all for joining me for my first Nightcrawler Q, it was great to finally Q at this site after attending for a year now!