3 Rounds:  (30 secs Work; 10 secs Rest)

  1.  Pylo Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. overhead triceps extensions
  4. bicep curls
  5. American Hammers
  6. Push up and plank knee to elbow

2 Rounds: (30 secs Work; 10 secs Rest)

  1. Skaters
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Push Press with weights
  4. Lateral Raises
  5. crunches with weights (center, side, center, side)
  6. Alternating Snatch

6 Min EMOM:

12 burpees (1st round- pretty burpees; 2nd round-not so pretty burpees; 3rd round- burpees with weights)

** we repeated that sequence with 8 burpees


COT:  Be intentional about getting together with family and friends; spending time with loved ones.  Make a habit of saying all the wonderful things you feel about people while they are still here, not at their funeral.  🙂

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