Warm up was the usual!

The Thang:

Tabata (45 secs WORK, 15 secs REST) x 2

1- alternating squat thruster

2- lateral lunge with R knee lift

3- single arm dumbbell snatch R, L

4- lateral lunge with L knee lift

**Run PICKLE**

1- Deadlift, calf raise

2- Burpee and Single Arm Snatch R,L

3- Cluster____ (Deadlift, Clean, Squat, Press)  it really is called a cluster, but the Pax wanted to add on another endearing term 🙂

**Run PICKLE**

Here come the pyramids (well, my kind of pyramids)

45secs of each

1- ski jumps

2- hand release push ups

3- pylo lunges

4- hand release push ups

5- ski jumps


1- Leap of faith (using the curb)

2- Dumbbell Squat

3- shoulder press

4- dumbbell squat

5- leap of faith


1- toe taps off the back of curb

2- one leg deadlift (R)

3- Devils press

4- one leg deadlift (L)

5- toe taps off back of curb


Name of Rama

PICTURE- Say Cheese!