Q started with our disclaimer.

We did a walking warm-up of toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees, hip openers, skipping and jogging and then finished with a few arm circles front and back.

The Thang:

DORA with bands:

on the poles:

100 Tricep kickbacks (HC)

200 Swimmers (HC)

300 Chest Press

the travelers had a band around thighs and moved to the 2nd light pole and back with a side lunge walk (100), front lunge walk (200) and monster walk (300).
After this our shoulder and arms were on fire, so we moved on to some core work. We completed Each of the following exercises for 45 seconds and had 15 seconds to transition to next exercise. All exercises were done with bands:

Banded American hammers (long band looped under feet to hands)

controlled roll-up (long band looped under feet to hands)

Bridge (band around thighs)

High Plank leg lifts (band around ankles)

Modified side plank with left leg lift (band on ankles)

Modified side plank with right leg lift (band on ankles)

We finished up the workout with 3 min of stretching and COT!
Thanks for joining me this am and Make it a great day!