Beethoven gave the Disclaimer. She is not a professional and doesn’t intend to be…ever! Modify at your own risk and modify at needed!

Warm-up: Good mornings, arm circles, toy solders, butt kicks, high knees, big arm circles and run the pickle!

We Honored our Veterans today for Veteran’s Day!

Pax came with a name of a Veteran of their choice (relative, friend, co-worker, etc…). Each letter of the Veteran’s first name, we did the coinciding workout – seen below!

A: 50 Jumping Jacks

B: 25 Crunches

C: 25 Squats

D: 25 Push Ups

E: 1 minute wall sit

F: 10 Burpees

G: 15 Triceps Dips

H: 25 Jump Squats

I: 30 Jumping Jacks

J: 25 Leg Lifts

K: 15 Push Ups

L: 50 Squats

M: 20 Jumping Jacks

N: 25 Burpees

O: 25 Triceps Dips

P: 1 minute pulsing squat

Q: 30 Leg Lifts

R: 15 Burpees

S: 30 Crunches

T: 30 Alternating Lunges

U: 30 Push Ups

V: 1 minute wall sit

W: 60 Jumping Jacks

X: 35 Burpees

Y: 40 Jumping Lunges

Z: 10 Triceps Dips

The last 5 minutes, we talked about the names of the people we did not get to and what branch they served. Thank you to all of our Veterans and for your service to our country!!