Warm up – jog to kitchen / tile – stretch

Walk out 10 times (inchworms)

Runners stretch with arm turn up

Hip circles

Arm circles

Run to apex Train Depot

Count off to 4 groups

  1. Run group- touch ice cream place (kilwins/fresh). When whole group back call out switch.
  2. Abs- low plank hold (center bricks)
  3. Lower body- step ups onto wall
  4. Upper body – push ups on bench

Round 2: repeat

Middle: suicides 7 firehouse doors

Round 3:

  1. Run group – touch boutique
  2. Abs- center bricks – LBCs
  3. Lower body- wall- wall sit
  4. Upper body- tricep dips

return to Hunter street, stretch, Crisco updates, namerama

zia also joined us!


Thx y’all !