Warm up: good mornings, lunges, inch worms, push-up to downdog, arm circles

ran to ropes course parking lot and picked up a medium rock along the way.

Thang 1:
Group was split in half. First group does suicides while 2nd group does rock work. Everyone stops when whole group doing rocks is done. Then the 2 groups switch.

round 1:

group1: regular suicides

group 2:

7 squats, 7bicep curls, 7 lunges, 7 overhead press (2 times thru)

round 2:

Group 1: Bear crawl suicides (run back)

Group 2: 7 single leg deadlift (R), 7 single leg deadlift (L), 7 Tricep extension , 7 bent over row (2 times thru)

Round 3:

Group 1: Broad jump suicides (run back)

Group 2: 7 high pulls, 7 curtsy lunges, 7 woodchoppers (R), 7 woodchoppers (L) (2 times thru)

we returned the rocks and mosey’d over to the hill by the kiosk

Thang 2:

7s on the Hill with star jumps and push ups

we then walked/mosey’d back to the senior center. Not enough time for abs so stretched, named our FNG, did Name o Rama and COT.