This workout was adapted slightly from a FiA Cape Fear workout – first done on May 21, 2020 at AO: Portside, by FiA Q: Frizzle – thank you Frizzle!

Started with the disclaimer & then did a warm up of happy afternoons (good mornings), jumping jacks, toy soldiers, wide squat stretch with shoulders leaning in, inchworm walkouts, world’s greatest stretch, froggers, and some arm circles.

The work out is 3 rounds of each cardio strength block:

  • 1st round – 1 minute each exercise
  • 2nd round – 45 seconds each exercise
  • 3rd round – 30 seconds each exercise

In between each block, pax did a ring of fire.

Block 1: squats, bent over rows, butt kickers

Ring of Fire: Pax held a boat pose with a weight in their hands, and we went around the circle and each pax did 5 American hammers (hard count).

Block 2: reverse lunges, bicep curls, high knees

Ring of Fire: Pax held plank and we went around the circle and each pax did 5 shoulder taps (hard count).

Block 3: lateral lunges, shoulder press, burpees  (so tough!!!)

Ring of Fire: Pax held boat pose and we went around the circle, each pax doing 3 boat to canoe movements.

Block 4: deadlifts, lateral/front raise, jump squat in/out (touching the ground each squat)


I shared the COT that Frizzle had in her backblast – still holds up & is a good one!  – “You can tell who the strong women are.  They are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down.”

Name-o-rama (on video – first time!  You can see if on instagram!)

Thanks for joining me!