• Run to shopping center with stairs (stop halfway and do 5 good mornings)
  • Stretch the areas needed while Q explains workout.

The Thang: (break into pairs)

5x5min Rounds (1 min rest b/t rounds):

  • Partner 1 will run to the stairs, down / up the stairs and back to their partner.
  • Partner 2 will do the exercise until Partner 1 returns
  • Switch and complete for 5 min.

Round 1:  Push-Ups (any style) / Hallelujahs

Round 2: Squats (any style)

Round 3 Burpees / Surfer Get Ups

Round 4: Single Leg Dead Lift

Round 5: Tricep Dips / Calf Raise


Run back for Name-O-Rama


Thanks for joining me this morning! Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!