We moseyed down to the bottom of the stairs in the atrium area, started with the disclaimer and warmed up with some good mornings, inchworm walkouts + world’s greatest stretch, jumping jacks & arm circles.

Then I explained the workout and we counted off into 4 groups.  The workout was 4 stations that we will rotate through – Station 1 was always the same (travel stairs with weight) and Stations 2-4 did different exercises each of the 3 rounds – these exercises were written on index cards at each station.  When the group at Station 1 finished the stairs, we rotated.

Station 1 (stairs): Pax pick up a weight (there were 15 lb or 12 lb options available) and travel with the weight to the top of the stairs and back down

Station 2 (on mats near parking lot entrance):

  • Round 1: big girl sit ups
  • Round 2: V-ups (can do 1 leg at a time if preferred)
  • Round 3: fire hydrant + donkey kick (alternating legs)

Station 3 (on bench area):

  • Round 1: elevated glute bridges
  • Round 2: 5 elevated push ups + 5 tricep dips
  • Round 3: plank travel 3 steps right, open to right side, plank travel 3 steps left, open to left side

Station 4 (near wall/doors):

  • Round 1: wall sit
  • Round 2: around the world lunges (front, side, back, curtsy lunge – alternating legs)
  • Round 3: narrow, medium, wide squat + squat jump

We had just enough time for all 4 groups to move through all 3 rounds of exercises.  We did a brief stretch and welcomed our FNG, who we named Acai (her favorite superfood)!

COT – There is no such thing as “Going back to square one.”  Even if you feel like you’re having to start over, you are trying again with more knowledge, strength & power than you had before.  Your journey was never over – it was just waiting for you to find it again.

We finished with name-o-rama and a picture.  Thanks for joining me!