Two pax for a prerun up and down the deck a few times. It’s a nice change of pace on a drizzly morning that had the potential for lightning!

The pax started arriving as I got my shoes changed and I gave the disclaimer for COVID and workout risk. We wondered aloud if anyone would be joining us from the cancelled 3s Co and sure enough Breezy came rolling up! Today’s WO was definitely a cardio intensive one—would you expect anything less?!

Warm Up: jumping jacks, side shuffle across the deck and back, karaoke across the deck and back, bunny hops down a parking stripe and back x2. Back and groin stretches.

Thang: Stairs, stairs and oh yeah, stairs!

Burpee pyramid: whatever floor you’re on, do that number of burpees, up to the top deck and back down. Total: 47 (all with pushups)

Stairs accelerator: run up one level, then back down, up two and back down, and so on up to the top and back down. Each time you reach the bottom do 10 mountain climbers. Total mountain climbers: 70

Stair relay: In groups— one group does 3×20 on repeat until partner runs up one set of stairs to the top of the deck and down the other set back to the starting point.
Round 1: LBCs, squats, elevated pushups

Round 2: flutter kicks, lunges, dips

Round 3: we did 20 of each all together bc we didn’t have time to run the stairs again. Y-Ws, fire hydrants, elbow pushes against the wall.

We ran to the stairs one last time to snap a photo and then finished off with name-a-rama.

Thank you for joining me!