First of all, Tinkerbell and Guac (who aren’t on the list of possible PAX names) were with us today!  Welcome new friends.

This morning was gorgeous.  Under 80 degrees and a nice breeze, I really wanted to be in a hammock, but I was happy to be with my favorite people!

Warm Up: Good Morning (10 IC), Quad Stretches , Knee Huggers , High Knees (10 IC), Butt Kickers (10 IC), Wide leg twisty stretches, Arm Circles

The Thang:
We mosied from the Senior Center to the park main road and jogged the lamp poles (at each pole, 5 dry docks, 5 squats).
Once we got to the end of the road turned right and jogged up to the Kiwanis Shelter parking lot.
Plankfurters were the name of the game (ever been a hot dog at the convenience store)
Mosied to the Ampitheater for the main event.
Partners (1 on the stage and 1 doing 4 corners (pushups, donkey kicks, 3-way lunges, Star jumps) around the seats at the ampitheater) Swithc locations on each turn around the 4 corners.  Oh and pyramid 5, 10, 15, 10, 5 as your magic number for the 4 corners.
Stage Crew: While your partner is doing their round of 4 corners you are doing: (the exercise switches each time you come back to the stage)
– Dry docks
-Sit ups
– Squats
– Inch Worms
– Jacks

Mosied to the kiosk and used our “best effort” to run up the hill and jog  back to the senior center.

Mary: Rowing Abs (arms making a rowing motion the whole time)
Standing with Knees
Chopping wood (or our baby toes)
Seated Rows (A Boy and a Girl in a little canoe)

Love you all!