After the disclaimer, we started warmups – Good Mornings, Tin soldiers, Phelps, strech.

We did a Ring of fire with the Stability Ball.  I would start the exercise on the stability ball and then pass it to the next person.  Everyone did another exercise until all finished the stability ball exercise.  We kept the first 22 minutes in cardio mode!!

Stability ball exercise – V-situp with feet on ball

Fire exercise – Skaters


Stability ball exercise – Ball plank jacks

Fire exercise – Butt kickers


Stability ball exercise – Ski twists sitting on ball (sit tall, feet close, swing clasped hands from one side to the other)

Fire exercise – Burpees


Stability ball exercise – Hand off (laying down and move ball from feet to hands)

Fire exercise – Jump squat


Stability ball exercise – Hamstring curl 

Fire exercise – high knees (end of 22-minute cardio!!!)


Stability ball exercise – Pushup with shins on ball

Fire exercise – tricep dips


Stability ball exercise – Rollout (kneel with hands on top of ball and roll away so body is almost straight)

Fire exercise – glute bride


Stability ball exercise – Hyperextension crunch (feet on ground, head over back of ball and crunch up)

Fire exercise – full situp


Stability ball exercise – Superman with stomach on ball

Fire exercise – zebra


Stability ball exercise – Russian twist while sitting on a ball

Fire exercise – fire hydrant left, fire hydrant right half way through


I hope I didn’t miss any of the exercise.  We all had fun chatting through the burn.  


I goofed and didn’t do the Name-a-rama but the we did get a picture!


COT – I am doing a Bible Study about becoming a woman of excellence. It is teaching me how to become closer to God and be the woman He made me to be.  We should try to show others the best in us no matter the situation.