*Disclaimer before we warmed up.


10 reps of each: head circles right and then left

10 shoulder rolls forward and backward

10 arm circles forward and backward

10 windmills

10 cherry pickers and

10 jumping jacks

The Thang:

40 seconds work with a 20 second break – repeat each circuit twice.

Circuit 1:

arnold press, skull crushers with bridge lift, reverse grip back row

Break with a 4 minute AMRAP – 5 burpees with 10 deadlifts

Circuit 2:

walking lunges with weights

squat to press with dumbbell

donkey kicks with weights (did 40 seconds on each leg)

Break with 4 minute AMRAP – 20 Hallelujahs and 10 pushups

Circuit 3:



glute bridge with weights

Final AMRAP – only had time for 3 minutes – 5 big girl sit-ups and 10 mountain climbers.

Ended with namaroma and COT:

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”