Disclaimer & Warm Up: Good mornings, shuffle R Toy Soldiers 4 count, Shuffle L Windmills 4 count, Arm circles/phelps

While a song is playing, do 10 reps of an exercise, run to the end of the parking lot, do 10 reps, run back. Rinse and repeat until the song is over. Q had warned everyone to be ready to sweat and boy did we. 

  • Push Up (Push It)
  • Squat Jump (Jump Around)
  • Punches (Fighter)
  • Jumping Jacks (Party Rock)
  • Monkey Humpers (Burning Love) 
  • Burpees (Kickstart My Heart) – 5 on each end
  • Mt. Climbers (Aint No Mountain High Enough)
    ~We stopped here for time!~
  • Sparky Crabs (Sparks Fly)
  • Star Jumps (All Star)
  • Hillbillies (Hillbilly Bone)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (Sweet Caroline)
    Abs/ Glutes: Alternate 5 of each for duration of song:

Heads Carolina, Tails California Abs: Bear hold Taps  Glutes:fire hydrants

Water Under the Bridge Abs: lbc’s   Glutes:glute bridges

COT: In the gym, the weight doesn’t get easier to lift, you get stronger. In life, circumstances don’t get easier to handle, you become better equipped to handle them. Keep going.