We started gathered up for a warmup and then moseyed over to the kiosk.  We grabbed 2 rocks each, one heavy and one medium.  We started with the heavy rock and did 8 reps, then medium rock for 12 reps, then a single leg/arm exercise for 8 reps HC

Rows – Plank YT’s
Goblet squats – staggered SL squat
Biceps- triceps – one arm OH press

We ran the pickle and did one more full round of that.  Returned our rocks and headed to the bottom of the hill.  We split into 3 groups, first group runs the hill, other groups do their exercise until they return and then rotate.  We did 3 rounds of this
1. run/5 push ups-5 dips/sumo hold with elbows to knees
2. run/hallelujahs/imperial walkers
3. run/mt climbers/side lunge 

Then we moseyed back to the senior center to grab our mats and circle up for some ring of fire.

dead bugs – 8 sit ups
R Side plank – 5 thread the needle
L side plank – 5 thread the needle
Boat – 5 HCAmerican hammers
Plank – 4 up downs

COT – “In a society that has you counting money, pounds, calories and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead”  Lisa Heckman