Grabbed our weights and mats moseyed out to near the stairwell.  Did a quick warm up and then got started with the workout.  We did sets of 3 similar exercises, then ran the stairs in between each set.  All were 10 reps hard count, except glutes and abs were 20.

Plank – tricep kickbacks
Plank – Y’s
Plank – weight pulls

Side plank – lateral raise
Side plank – front raise (parallel to the ground)
Side plank – external rotation, elbow by side

SL squat with front raise
Split squat with lateral raise
SL RDL with reverse fly

SL stance with OH press and kick backs
SL stance with dumbell body circles
SL stance with weight rotations

Glute bridge – feet elevated
Glute bridge – shoulders elevated
table top hold with donkey kicks

Heels to heaven
Dead bug

Mary Lou finished leading some stretches!

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