Disclaimer & Warm up:

Mosey up to the stop sign at the skate park for a standard Crisco warm up

The Thang:

XL 4 Corners + Pain Train 

Monkey Humpers  5 burpees

Plank – 5 Push ups

Squats – 5 Hillbillies

Reverse Plank – 5 Sparky Crabs

While 1 Pax completes the 5 reps, the rest of the Pax does the strength exercise. Move on down the line until all Pax have completed the 5 reps.

Run to the end of Hunter Games street at Peakway stop sign – complete all 4 Pain Trains. Slow down your humpin’ ladies. We’ve got 3 more corners of this!

(We had an XL Pax to go with our XL 4 corners, so the Q modified the Pain Train to complete one pain train at each of the remaining corners)

Run to grassy area across Salem St/Peakway – repeat Pain Train -monkey humpers – Walkman hasn’t been honked at in a while, so we’ve gotta fix that.

Run to office building at Salem St/Hunter St repeat Pain Train – plank/push ups

Run back to skate park stop sign repeat Pain Train – squats/hillbillies

We moseyed back to the parking lot to complete a partial Captain Thor and our last Pain Train – reverse plank + 5 sparky crabs. 

COT: Q passed around treats for everyone – mini chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar – then we did NOR