Needless to say, I was pleasantly pleased to see all the smiling FiA faces when I drove up on an overcast Saturday morning!  Because there was a chance of rain I planned to do our workout stuff in shelters as much as possible, traveling to different ones for each group of arms, legs and abs.  That was the plan anyway!  🙂

Warm Up

  • Shoulder Rolls – Forward and Backward – OYO
  • Good Mornings – IC10
  • Jumping Jacks – IC20
  • High Knees – IC20

The Thang

After warming up we moseyed to the Ropes Shelter to start with our arms.  My original plan was to do 5 arm exercises 10 times for 5 sets.  That wasn’t going to work for time so this is what we did…..

  • Pushups – x10 – 2 sets
  • Dips – x10 – 2 sets
  • Shoulder Taps – x10 HC – 1 set
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Arms – IC5 – 3 sets
    • Small Arm Circles – Forward and Backward
    • Large Arm Circles – Forward and Backward
    • Push The Water – Forward and Backward
    • Raise The Roof
    • High Five
    • Free Style

After shaking our shoulders out, we ran to the amphitheater for our legs.  This time we did do 5 exercises, 10 reps for each exercise for 5 sets.  Yeah, that felt good!

  • Squats (any squat you wanted to do)
  • Lunges – HC
  • Jump Squats
  • Single Leg Lifts – HC
  • Calf Raises

No time to run to another shelter for abs, so it was back to the Senior Center for abs.

  • Hip Lifts – x15
  • LBCs – x15
  • Ankle Biters – x15 HC
  • Flutter Kicks – x30 HC

COT and Name-O-Rama

Thank you for joining me on a dreary morning and finishing up in a little drizzle!  Loved seeing all of you!!

Announcement – Liftoff is now open to have outside FiAs come for workouts.

Prayer Request – Please keep Breezy’s daughter, Arianna, our FiA Sister Sparrow, in our prayers.  She is in the Middle East on a missionary trip.