Rainy Day Sharknado.

We started with some stretches to warm up a bit, then we moseyed over to the town hall to get started.

The Thang: Sharknado is a round of 10 exercises. 5 are cardio/ strengthening in nature and then 5 are running a circular loop.

Heres the breakdown:

1. 15 burpees

2. Run loop

3. 20 Diamond push ups

4. Run Loop

5. 20 Sit Ups

6. Run Loop

7. 20 Regular Push Ups

8. Run Loop

9. 20 Scorpion Dry Docks

10. Run Loop

The goal of this workout is to go through as many rounds of these ten exercises as possible in a 25 minute time frame.

Once 25 minutes was completed, we ran back to the shelter, stretched, had our COT and called it a morning.